Monday, April 19, 2010

Hawley has new emergency number!

The Hawley Fire Department has a new Emergency Contact phone number. Anyone needing emergency assistance from Hawley Fire should dial 839-2323. This number will ring their Firefighters and they will immediately respond to your need. Their old contact phone number 839-2828 will continue to ring the Nash Fire Department and should be used by those in the Nash area.

The Hawley Fire response area is basically north of the Salt Fork River, west of Red Hill Road, south of Highway 11 to the Alfalfa County Line. The Hawley Fire Department has 18 firefighters who have been trained in fire fighting, first aid and rescue situations. They also have 5 EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) with additional training in emergency medical care. The department has 3 brush rigs, one pumper and one tanker. In addition they have a complete assortment of rescue equipment including the “jaws of life” along with basic First Aid equipment and supplies such as Oxygen and an ‘AED’ (Automatic Externally Defibrillator) for heart attack victims.

One can also notify the Hawley Fire Department by dialing “911” and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office will notify us of your call. Vinyl stickers are available at the Fire Station to place on your phone with our new number of 839-2323.

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