Monday, May 17, 2010

Let the summer games begin

Graduation is over. Summer vacation has begun. Maybe I can get back to the blog now. I’m so far behind on posting my Bible readings, I’m not even going to try.

What will the summer hold? Who knows. For now, I have three trips to Boiling Springs Christian Service Camp planned.

I will go with Justine on my birthday (June 5) to a one-day camp for first- and second-graders. I’ll spend the week of June 20-25 with the seventh- and eighth-graders, and I’ll go once again June 27-30 with Jaynee for the second- and third-grade camp.

I’ll come home for one night from the junior high camp to watch the SALTeens performance at the high school. SALTeens is a teen worship group sponsored by Dallas Christian College. Joseph and Matt toured with them last year and will attend again this year. The group of about 40 has increased to a group of about 80, so we are looking for homes and beds and FOOD for all these teenagers we are so excited and privileged to have visit our county. Matt’s mom is handling all the details – THANK GOODNESS! THANKS, ANNETTE!!!

Sometime this summer, we plan on visiting Jeromy’s mom in Colorado, and hopefully, we’ll head back to Colorado at the end of July for HeavenFest. I’ll go back to school in August to begin earning my master’s degree.

I have a couple “jobs” lined up for the summer. I don’t have the details worked out yet, but I am working with District 2 County Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt to provide better and more accurate coverage of county meetings.

Apparently, our local paper publisher remains an embarrassment to the newspaper industry, providing biased and inaccurate coverage of county meetings.

His pitiful approach to journalism is one reason I stopped publishing the NCR. I know that’s sounds backwards. One would think I would have fought harder to publish the truth since he is obviously against publishing the truth, but his lies and schemes had the opposite effect on me. I got tired of the childish games played by him and certain elected officials (who will not be getting any votes from me during the next election period).

I had no desire to sit in a room week after week with adults who acted like third-graders. I am not lumping the commissioners in this category. Grant County has excellent commissioners. I couldn’t always tell the tales of what REALLY happens during county meetings – sometimes pretty pathetic, trivial and a complete waste of energy – when I had the newspaper, but I don’t have the paper anymore … and I no longer have to compete with a fraudulent tabloid and the blatant lies Ken Kiser has the audacity to print. The publishers at the Enquirer have more morals than my former competitor.

I may also be submitting some personal columns to The Border, published in Arkansas City, Kan., by the Ark City Traveler. These are the guys who so graciously printed the NCR for a couple years.

I’ll let you know if/when anything happens with either of these opportunities. Until then, I have dishes to wash, bills to pay and kids to hang out with. Summer is here! :)

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