Monday, April 19, 2010

OU's 'Routes' now on the web

I don't know how many of you remember a past post about my visit to OU. While there, I was privileged to get to sit in and vote on the making of history - the university's first webzine. We got to vote on our top three choices for the name of the web site, and one of my choices - Routes - was chosen. (Not my suggestion. I just voted on it. I also liked Zoomer and something else, but without looking, I can't recall.)

Anyway, just got a press release that the site if finished and up and running. Here's the press release and a link to the new site. :) Enjoy!

NORMAN, Okla.- The University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication’s revolutionary new Web magazine Routes will launch to coincide with a major immigration conference to be held at the college April 10-16, 2010.

The “Immigration in the Heartland” conference is sponsored by the Institute for Justice and Journalism in conjunction with Gaylord College’s Institute for Research and Training.

To better integrate with the conference, Routes’ first major issue will cover the theme of immigration, specifically as it relates to Oklahoma. This first issue will mark the launch of Oklahoma’s only interactive, Web-based, student-produced magazine that’s all about Oklahoma. This publication provides an outlet for the very best work of Gaylord College students.

“We want Oklahoma to realize the breadth and quality of instruction here at Gaylord College. These students are highly qualified, superbly trained people at the top of their game,” said John Schmeltzer, Pulitzer Prize winning faculty adviser to Routes.

Additional information on Routes will be available at the conference, and students who have written for Routes will be participating in panels during the conference.

“We have a lot of different people working on this so there will be a different perspective than what’s been out there,” said student panelist and Routes contributor Hailey Branson. “I think there will be some stories told that wouldn’t be otherwise.”

For more information about Routes please visit the Web site,, or contact Candice Hudson at

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