Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo frenzy

I’ve finished perusing and editing more than 600 photos from our trip to Arizona. About 500 more to go! I have until Sunday evening to finish, and it’s not looking good! I will be finished, though. I am notorious for hitting deadlines on the nose – by putting in countless late-night hours – and this is no exception. I have accepted the fact that I am a procrastinator.
When the slide show is finished, I’ll start putting some photos on the blog. I apologize to those checking the blog for updates from the trip. Our original plan was to update the blog as events happened during the mission trip. However, when we got to the school, we learned that there was no Internet service except through the main office. By the time we were finished each day with our duties, the office was closed. Besides that, I really had little time to update the blog while we were there.
When we returned home, I knew most of the people checking the blog would also be attending Sunday’s slide show presentation. So, for that reason, I didn’t want to post photos and stories everyone will see Sunday. blah, blah, blah … sounds like a bunch of excuses …

The slide show will contain more than 100 photos, and I expect it to be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour long. Hopefully, after that, I can use the blog to tell more about our experiences.

Then my focus will shift to graduation. Announcements, get-togethers, photos. I’m not ready for graduation, which is in a month and a handful of days. The upside is that Joseph is really not all that concerned about all the fluff stuff like photos and parties and invitations, so if things don’t get done the way I have them pictured in my mind, at least he won’t be disappointed. I will be disappointed, but he won’t, and I guess since it’s his big day, that’s all that matters.

Here are the informal invites for upcoming events:

Mission Trip Slide Show – 7 p.m. Sunday, April 11, at Hills-Ely Funeral Home in Medford. I don’t know the address, but it’s right on Main Street. If you’ve never been to Medford, just find downtown (I promise you won’t have any trouble), head west a block, and you’ll see the funeral home on Cherokee Street. You can’t miss it. They have a brand new, beautiful storefront – bright and gorgeous, easy to find.

Senior 2010 Graduation – 2 p.m. Saturday, May 15, in the Medford Auditorium. (Baccalaureate is at 7 p.m. Sunday, May 9.) Joseph wants to have his graduation dinner and cake after graduation, so plan on stopping by! The dinner will be come-and-go at 116 Kretchmar Drive. We’ll get invitations in the mail soon – I hope. Mom is working on getting those together.

While I’m at it, I’ll put in a plug for the Hawley Fish Fry. I have a press release I’ll post separately. If you’ve never been to the Hawley Fish Fry, you won’t want to miss this year. It grows each year. In fact, the fire department keeps having to build on to accommodate everyone! The fish fry is from 4:30-7 p.m. Saturday, April 17, at the Hawley Fire Department. It’s pretty special, and the people that run it are even more special. Be there! You will NEVER have food like this. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Readings (HUGE catch-up!):

Matthew 25:31-46
Romans 9:1-18
Psalm 61
Numbers 33-36

Matthew 26:1-16
Romans 9:19-33
Psalm 62
Deuteronomy 1-3

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Deuteronomy 13-17

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