Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 1 - Feels like I'm born again

I started a "read the Bible in one year" plan today, so i'm going to post everyday what I read to hopefully keep me accountable for my readings.

Today, I read:

Matthew 1:1-17

Acts 1:1-11

Psalm 1

Genesis 1,2

So far this morning, I've printed most of our month-end statements and changed from my pajamas into my sweatpants. I also brushed my teeth and put my hair in a ponytail. I think I’m growing a little too fond of my sweatpants and tennis shoes. I also only put make-up on twice this week, and you know what, I’m perfectly fine with that.

The girls are planning the grandest new year’s eve party ever. I keep explaining to them that it’s only going to be them and Jeromy and me at the “party,” but that doesn’t seem to matter.

We rented movies yesterday with our last year’s Blockbuster Christmas gift card from Uncle Chuck and Aunt Bev. While at Blockbuster, I learned I had a $17 credit, which the nice young man honored, even though my account was so old, it was still registered under what he called my “maiden” name of Atchley.

I didn’t go into explaining that Atchley is not my maiden name. I had the name so long, it’s easier to just let people think I’m a natural-born Atchley kid. Not sure what the Atchleys would think about that. Not sure what the Doves would think about it either, since my maiden name actually is Dove.

Korina Lynn Dove. A friend of mine used to tell me that was the best non-fiction name that should be fiction he has ever heard. I kind of agree … but I’ve never really liked my name.

As for the $17 credit at Blockbuster, I used it to buy a couple snacks we didn’t need and the book “Where the Wild Things Are” for the girls. A paperback copy was conveniently sitting next to the cash register. I have a hardback copy from the 1970s somewhere, but I wanted Jaynee and Justine to have their own copy. That book used to scare the dickens out of me, but I loved it just the same! I hope it doesn’t scare the girls. I hope they truly enjoy it. It was one of my favorite childhood books. Some others were “Corduroy” and “The Poky Little Puppy,” which the girls have, and they love them, too.

Oh, how I love books and reading and words, and I love that my children do, too. (Well, Joseph used to love to read until he became a teenager. Hopefully, he’ll pick it up again when he is old like me. Ha.)

The girls are starting a new project at the kitchen table, and I need to finish stuffing envelopes and rolling change and getting this year wrapped up and over with. Oh, how I am welcoming 2010.

I told Jeromy this morning that the Lord put something big on my heart the day before yesterday. I am prepping him for a huge announcement. It’s big. I’m still mulling it over. It’s crazy. It’s for sure God-breathed because I’m not this brave. I’ll let you know as soon as I let my husband and family know. Wow! It’s going to be an awesome year!

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