Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NWOSU cries FERPA for scholarship recipients

An Alva city councilman last week questioned the claim by Northwestern Oklahoma State University officials that a federal privacy law prohibits them from disclosing which students receive scholarships funded by the city's sales taxes, The Alva Review-Courier reported Sunday.

NWOSU officials had provided the names for the past decade under a 1999 agreement with the city.

NWOSU also requires students receiving the scholarships to sign a FERPA form permitting the school to notify their hometown newspapers, reported Helen Barrett of The Alva Review-Courier and an FOI Oklahoma board member.

The Alva city attorney -- who is married to the NWOSU president -- told the councilman he could cited for violating a federal law if he gave the list to folks not on the Council.

The blog posting explains why FERPA wouldn't seem to apply.


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