Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feels like starting over ...

It’s amazing how refreshing a week without the Internet can be. But it’s also amazing how “far behind” I felt as soon as I walked in the door last night.

Already, I have to meet with some out-of-towners at 10 a.m. today to give them a tour of the county. This couple from Nebraska and their three children are interested in moving to Grant County. They got a hold of me through a mutual acquaintance and called yesterday as we were packing up to leave Santa Rosa, New Mexico, where the girls and I spent the night on our way home from Apache Junction, Arizona, where my mom lives.

Jaynee’s birthday is tomorrow, so I must bake cupcakes for her class and a cake for her party, which is tomorrow evening. I still don’t have prizes, plates, candles or anything together for the party, so I’ll add that to my things to do today or first thing tomorrow morning. Following the party is Lenten supper, and it’s my week to serve on kitchen detail.

What else? Oh, there’s a stack of bills to catch up, taxes that haven’t been filed yet, the county’s Web site needs more updating, unpacking and laundry needs to be finished, and the list goes on every time I have a chance to think for a second. I missed Bible study last night, and I’m behind on both my Bible study lessons and our Sunday school readings.

And as I am thinking about all these uncompleted tasks this morning, an ambulance is called to the Dale Frazier residence, for Bernie, I’m sure. When I think about this family and all their struggles, triumphs, heartache, patience and strength, I wonder what in the world I have to worry about – NOTHING! Plus, I just came from a region where children have little to no education or family support system and a list of social and economic troubles. My priorities seem menial.

First things first, though. I have some readings to report. I plan on writing several blogs about our trip to Arizona, and I’ll put together a slide show for all who went and for those who did not get to join us.

I just received a call from Pastor Craig, and we are planning a slide show viewing for the evening of April 11 at the Medford Christian Church, 123 W. Pawnee. The Driftwood crew will join us for the show, plus dinner and lots of fun. Sounds great! Everyone is welcome to join us!

Matthew 23:13-24
Romans 5:12-21
Psalm 54
Numbers 15-17

Matthew 23:25-39
Romans 6:1-14
Psalm 55
Numbers 18-20

Matthew 24:1-14
Romans 6:15-23
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Numbers 21, 22

Matthew 24:15-35
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