Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Show me the Pepto

I got up early this morning to enjoy some quiet time before everyone else woke up, and at 6:40 a.m., Justine came wandering into the office. Jeromy snored all night. I’m ready to be back in my hotel room.

I’m still recovering from this weekend, and I’m grouchy! We stayed up late and got up semi-early for three days, and when we got home, it was Super Bowl time.

We ate pretty “healthy” all weekend (banquet food is always a delight) but then stuffed ourselves with buffalo chicken dip, Little Smokies, chili, Rotel dip … all day Sunday.

I felt like I was battling a major hangover Monday morning. Heartburn and a blazing tummy kept me uncomfortable all day yesterday. I got little to no sleep, and now my morning has been interrupted.

Now, Jaynee is in the kitchen humming (during my quiet time!). It is 7:08 a.m., and both the girls are ready for school. I guess that’s good, and I don’t really mind the humming, but I did mind when Justine flipped the TV on!

Someday, I’ll have all the quiet time I can handle, and I’ll (probably) wish my kids were here to make some noise.

I’m heading back to Norman today to visit the Gaylord College of Journalism again. Yes, I just went last week, but I did not get all my questions answered, so I’m returning.

This time, I’ll get to sit in on two journalism classes, take an actual tour of the facility and speak with the director of the graduate program himself.

I hope to get to Stillwater to OSU’s campus in the next week or two. After that, I should be able to develop a plan.

Jeromy is still loving his new job at the nursing home. He comes home every day a little happier.

I’m working on updating the District 2 Web site for the county. It’s slow-going, but I’m finishing a little at a time. That was the deal when I started – my own pace, although my own pace is turning out to be next to no pace at all. I hope to really get to working on it this week and next. Seems like something always comes up, but last week was really hectic, too.

Just mostly rambling this morning. I’m having trouble concentrating and putting any real thoughts together. Plus, the girls keep coming in to ask me questions. Guess I’ll get my stuff together to go to Norman. I need to fill up my car, and it’s freeeeeezzzzzing!!!!! Any volunteers? ;)

Today’s readings:

Matthew 13:44-58
Acts 19:23-41
Psalm 32
Exodus 24-26

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